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Block crackers with 3 locks to your SSH door
Security always requires a multi-layered scheme. SSH is a good example of this. Methods range from simple sshd configuration through the use of PAM to specify who can use SSH, to application of port-knocking techniques, or to hide the fact that SSH access even exists. Applying these techniques can make life much harder for possible intruders, who will have to go past three unusual barriers.
"Learn 3 ways of hardening SSH access to your system to block would-be crackers"

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Block crackers with 3 locks to your SSH door      Submitted by Noel Mon Oct 18, 2010 )

Bazaar: source control system
Bazaar is used to produce the Ubuntu Linux distribution, which is an enormous software project with thousands of components. If you're using a UNIX or Linux system, chances are that your distribution offers a pre-built Bazaar package. Bazaar is flexible enough to accommodate Subversion - a centralized system and Git - a decentralized system. This article introduces you to Bazaar's many appealing features.
"Intro to Bazaar, a great place to keep your code"

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Bazaar: source control system      Submitted by Noel Fri Oct 15, 2010 )

User space memory access from the Linux kernel
As the kernel and user space exist in different virtual address spaces, there are special considerations for moving data between them. Explore the ideas behind virtual address spaces and the kernel APIs for data movement to and from user space, and learn some of the other mapping techniques used to map memory.
"An introduction to Linux memory and user space APIs"

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: User space memory access from the Linux kernel      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 13, 2010 )

Techniques for migrating Perl to Python
Python programmers shouldn't get too smug. While many people agree that Python is designed in a way that makes it a highly readable language, there can still be problems with legacy, untested Python code too. Porting legacy Perl to Python can be a daunting task. In this article, learn some of the theory behind dealing with legacy code, including what not to do.
"Techniques for migrating legacy, untested Perl to Python"

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Techniques for migrating Perl to Python      Submitted by Noel Mon Oct 11, 2010 )

New AIX 7 capabilities for virtualization
The IBM AIX operating system provides a highly scalable IT infrastructure for client workloads. Learn about the latest version, AIX 7.1, an open standards-based UNIX operating system, that includes significant new capabilities for virtualization, security features, availability features, and manageability.
"Learn about the latest version of AIX 7.1 - an open standards-based UNIX operating system"

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: New AIX 7 capabilities for virtualization      Submitted by Noel Fri Oct 8, 2010 )

Introduction to PowerHA
PowerHA for AIX is the new name for HACMP (High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing). HACMP is an application that makes system fault resilient and reduces downtime of applications. This article introduces PowerHA and provides a detailed explanation of how to configure a two node cluster. This document is very useful for understanding PowerHA and setting up a two node cluster.
"Get Power high availability by Configuring a PowerHA cluster"
Introduction to PowerHA

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Introduction to PowerHA      Submitted by Noel Wed Sep 1, 2010 )

Yeah - Learn Linux: Maintain the integrity of file
Learn how to check the integrity of your Linux filesystems, monitor free space, and fix simple problems. Use the material in this article to study for the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) 101 exam for Linux system administrator certification or just to check your filesystems and keep them in good working order, especially after a system crash or power loss. Today's world relies heavily on technology, and at times technology can fail us. That is why, unlike traditional methods of storage such as office cabinets, it would be necessary to back up your electronic file systems.
"Here's an easy way to keeping track of your Linux disk space"
Yeah - Learn Linux: Maintain the integrity of filesystems

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Yeah - Learn Linux: Maintain the integrity of file      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 30, 2010 )

Live Kernel Patches with Ksplice
Ksplice applies kernel patches on-the-fly - no reboot required in a fraction of a second. Here's a hands-on guide to performing painless system updates. Learn how to patch a live kernel and give reboots the boot.
"Avoid reboots of your system with live Kernel updates using Ksplice"
Live Kernel Patches with Ksplice

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Live Kernel Patches with Ksplice      Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 11, 2010 )

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